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12.1 Seed List

Seeding List Rank Seed Team 1 1 Texas 2 1 Houston 3 1 Virginia 4 1 Purdue 5 2 Arizona 6 2 Indiana 7 2 Creighton 8 2 UConn 9 3 Kansas 10 3 Alabama 11 3 Tennessee 12 3 Baylor 13 4 Arkansas 14 4 Auburn 15 4 Gonzaga 16 4 Illinois 17 5… Read more 12.1 Seed List

5 thoughts on “Predicting Brackets Since 2019

  1. Colby says:

    Leaving Iowa State out of the Bracket? You’re even dumber than I thought! This team has 8 quad 1 wins in the hardest conference in the country, a 13-0 Non conference record. Wins verse Xavier, Texas Tech, Texas, Iowa, Creighton, TCU, Memphis. You have to be the worst person in the world to put together a bracket, plain and simple. IOWA STATE should easily be a top 6 seed.

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    1. JSB Bracket says:

      Iowa State needs to get to around 7 conference wins to get in. They were 3-9 at the time this bracket was released in conference. 4-9 isn’t going to cut it either. Lastly Iowa State Non Conf Sos was ranked 335 out of 358, I would hope they had a shot to go undefeated.

      Check out Bracket Matrix. Not one person making brackets in the world has them a Top 6 seed right now.


      1. Colby says:

        Yeah those other bracket makers have Iowa state included in their brackets. 111 out of 115 people! 8 quad 1 wins. A good net rating, wins over tournament teams. So what’s your idiotic thoughts on why you would put BYU you in and North Carolina but leave Iowa State out? C’mon man…… you’re going to be chastised straight out of the bracket matrix for this. taking out the 4th tier schools they played I refer back to them beating teams like Creighton on the road, Memphis & Xavier at neutral locations, Iowa, Texas, Texas Tech and beating TCU and Oklahoma State on the road. Sorry JSB you’re wrong on this one. I sure hope when you revise your bracket you think to include Iowa State. In addition, I’m almost certain they will be a top 6 seed by the committee when this is over. they are #15 SOS in the country! Despite what you called an easy non conference. Heck they beat Missouri and Missouri beat teams like Alabama and SMU!


  2. Colby says:

    I see you came to your senses 3 days later after I first commented and now have Iowa State as an 8 seed. I still think it’s low and they should be a 7 or even a high 6 seed right now. I think by season end they will be a top 5 seed. They have a top 5 defense in college basketball and if saturday was any indication of the offense, then this team has a shot at winning the BIG X11 conference tourney!

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